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Stress Guidance

Helping Signpost you to Stress and Mental Health Solutions and Healers with a holisitc approach.

Online Branding

George is a passionate Global Brand Developer and Expert. Helping you build the brand you want with Creativity and Position

Mental Health

Contact me to develop and train your business to create a mentally healthy space for you and for your employees.

Empowerment and Real Estate

I will love to work with a team to create empowering animations using animals to give an end positive outcome. Also connecting real estate buyers & sellers.

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'Oh My George'

Stress Guidance, Mental Health Development, Brand Developer, Author

Member of APCTC, IIMHL and IIDL.
As a 'survivor' of my own breakdown around 10 years ago, my passion is to develop mental health, personal, emotional relationships and health issues via consultancy and online media worldwide.
Vision to build Globally World healing / animal sanctuaries to support develop emotional wellbeing and mental health, supporting sick animals in danger.
Within this goal create empowering animations using animals to express emotions which will give an end positive outcome.

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